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Senior In-Home Care Services

in Idaho Falls, ID 

Comfort Home Care is a non-medical, in-home care service that provides home care for the elderly. Founder Cara Fitzgerald is passionate about providing help for senior citizens in their homes. Cara understands the importance of authentic caring, and pours her heart into each of her clients, going above and beyond and becoming more than just a caregiver. She is also a friend. As her practice expands, Cara prioritizes finding team members who pass background checks with flying colors and who share her values and professional standards and will care for each patient as she would want their own family members to be treated.

Cara’s Story

Cara has always been drawn to the senior population. As a child you could find her next to her grandmother listening to stories, helping her cook, or enjoying her slightly inappropriate jokes.

When Cara’s friends were giggling and whispering in a church pew in the back of the church, Cara would be sitting with a beautiful older lady that had taken Cara under her wing.

It didn’t take long for Cara to realize that doing little things could enhance the quality of life for her “older friends.” Picking up their mail, helping pull up a sock, taking the garbage out, bringing them a glass of water, moving their cane a little closer to them or giving them a good back scratch were things that she could easily do and yet it made a world of difference to them!

As the years went by, Cara was fortunate enough to become friends with countless seniors that helped to form who she is today.

Cara started Comfort Home Care to enable seniors to live in their homes long term. She saw that by doing simple household tasks and making slight modifications, seniors could live a quality, rewarding life with dignity at home.
Cara is passionate about dementia. She does everything she can to help her clients with dementia have a rewarding and quality life. She is always “thinking outside the box” to find activities and tasks to enable her clients with dementia to feel like they are contributing to the household.

Cara was born and raised in the Blackfoot Idaho area. She loves her community and advocates for seniors by serving on the Bingham County Board of Guardians. She works closely with the Area Agency on Aging and is an advocate for many low-income seniors in her area. Cara started the “Senior giving tree” in her community and to date has raised over $20,000 for low-income seniors in Bingham County. The senior giving tree has purchased wheelchairs, paid rent, utility bills, groceries, adaptive equipment and car repairs.

Cara is the Mom to: Andrew, Boise state University student majoring in Marketing and Business; Emma an Idaho State University nursing student who also has a passion for the senior population and works full-time for Cara; and Gracie, the sassy 14-year-old volleyball player who has a passion for keeping her mom on her toes.

Cara’s husband Gus is the force that supports and enables Cara to do the work she does. He is patient and understanding of her late nights, constant phone calls and busy schedule. You can often find Gus helping Cara deliver groceries, installing grab bars in a client’s shower or lifting the heavy things.

Elderly In-Home Help and Assistance

Cara’s experiences and extensive background in the medical field led her to realize that there was a space in elder care that needed to be filled. There is a period of time between fully independent adulthood and when elderly citizens need around-the-clock assisted living, and there are limited resources for individuals living in this gap.

The prospect of having a primarily independent individual in a nursing home is daunting for many families from a financial perspective, and a home health nurse is often a pricey option as well. Consequently, Cara founded Comfort Home Care, which offers care in the home without the overwhelming price tag. The services we provide include but are not limited to the following:
  • Companionship/socialization
  • Exercise
  • Oral and personal hygiene
  • Respite care for family caregivers
  • Transportation
  • Medication reminders
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Laundry
  • Grocery shopping
  • Observation to see if additional care is warranted

Nursing homes, assisted living, and hiring professional nurses to provide elder care assistance can be prohibitively expensive. For this reason, some families find themselves delaying these interventions even when their loved ones have aged to the point where they are no longer completely comfortable on their own.

At Comfort Home Care, we assert that you don’t have to leave your loved one to struggle on their own prior to living in a nursing home; our team of kind, compassionate caregivers will aid in basic care in the home while your elderly family member continues to enjoy a degree of independence. We offer these services in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, or Blackfoot, ID. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved one will have someone checking on them multiple times a day is priceless. For more information or to schedule a free consultation to discuss how our team can meet your unique needs, give us a call at (208) 681-5533 or fill out our online contact form today.
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